An unparalleled technology

The brain can accurately detect minute variances in sound as it travels at different distances to each ear and delays of microseconds are significant enough to perceive a shift in sound location.

These subtle nuances are introduced into an audio recording to recreate the effect of stereo and surrounding sound.

Wireless speakers require very tight synchronization between each device in order to faithfully reproduce the dynamics of the audio environment. The human ear can typically detect a deviation of between 40-50 microseconds (µs) between speakers.

Soledge technology achieves less than 10 microseconds!
The patented technologies AccuRate and AccuSync allow to guarantee a pure sound with higher dynamics, a very accurate speakers synchronization, quite no distortion and without any quality loss.
This means that listeners of Soledge technology enabled speakers can hear each individual instrument and vocal performance as if it had been created in a studio, with no drift or shift in the stereo landscape.