The story of music lovers & engineers

Soledge is born from a passion for music and aesthetics. Soledge is the story of mix music and HiFi lovers and engineers. The 3 founders are passionnate about the sound restitution as all three of them are playing instruments.
The story began when Raphaël Bini, audiophile and expert in new technologies, took a lively interest in high-end HiFi, as he was studying electronics engineering at ESEO Institute of science & technology. As a student, Raphaël could not afford a music stereo that would meet his expectations. So he decided to build his own amplifiers. A few years later, not satisfied with the quality of his preamplifier, he successfully resolved this issue by designing and building his own.

Graduated of ESEO Master of Engineering Degree, Raphaël developed his experience in concepts and development of high quality audio equipment. After 10 years in industry, he decided to bring a fresh and innovative approach to this sector by simplifying the audio equipment and its use. How? By putting away all connected cables between the decks and amplifier, decks and tuners in a unique unit: a wireless, high quality music amplifier.

In 2010, Soledge was founded in Montpellier, France. The six years of research and development had led to the patented technologies of AccuSync and AccuRate.The company solely incorporates personnel with a real desire to produce quality products with audio superiority and to offer excellent customer service.

Our beliefs
Thanks to Soledge, our classical and old HiFi devices can be adapted to the ultimate new technologies. Today more than ever, the sound can get closer to the pureness of its original context. Emotions through music will always be part of our lives. Soledge is at the crossroad of perfection.
Why we are there
Soledge is the result of a long research on sound quality.
Our engineers are passionate about sound restitution. Our designers are mineral lovers. As music is a landscape with a variety of colours, we bring back goosebumps to listening to music.
Where we are going now
Tomorrow will be the next step of connected devices.
Everything in your house will be directed by automation. We believe in this future but not at any price. That’s why our goal is to care that, in a full automated house, you will continue to feel emotions with music even if it’s through connected devices. Simplicity doesn’t mean lack of quality.

  • Difficile de ne pas saluer le lecteur réseau Alto, équipé d’un CPL intégré (signal via prises électriques) et capable de se connecter en un éclair à un réseau domestique via AirPlay ou le protocole DLNA.

    PP Garcia
    Qobuz - CES Las Vegas - 2015/01
  • C’est une façon totalement innovante de penser et d’organiser la chaîne de la reproduction sonore. Autant le dire tout de suite, ce système très haut de gamme français est un produit d’exception.

    Michel Aublanc
    La Répuplique du Son
  • It not only offers unique types of products; it also has an entirely innovative way of thinking about and organizing the sequence of events involved in sound playback. It is best to be upfront: this very high-end French company offers an exceptional product.

    Michel Aublanc
    The Republic of Sound
  • Soledge launched a high-end system that includes an optional music server and transmits the channels separately over powerline connections. It also uses its own synchronisation technology, which could be of wider interest than its products.

    CCS Insight Hotline
    International CES 2015: Connected Home - January 2015