Ready-to-use or customized modules for manufacturers

Soledge modules are complete hardware and software platforms, embedding a common set of features:

  • Power Line Communications (PLC)
  • Multiprotocol streaming services
  • Soledge’s patented AccuRate and AccuSync synchronization

Customized engineering services:

This service is provided to taylor solutions to our customers requirements. Whether you need a more powerful amplifier, several channels of amplification, active filtering, multichip DAC or anything else, we always have a solution to suit your needs!

Amplified streamer platform

This complete integrated solution transforms any traditional passive loudspeaker into a modern connected one.

Analog streamer platform

This platform, with an embedded DAC, makes any power amplifier or active speaker a connected one.

Digital streamer platform

This solution enables to transform a traditional Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) or a digital active speaker into a connected one.