Ténor, Soledge’s revolutionary amplified network player

Ténor, the first network amplifier in the world with intelligence, receives, synchronizes, converts and amplifies music!

  • Perfect audio quality
  • Endless distribution
  • Multiroom capable

Just connect Ténor to any type of loudspeakers and enable them to become smart!

Ténor captures everything: Wi-Fi networks, Ethernet and PLC, Music libraries stored on tablets, smartphones, PC and online audio content.
Make your loudspeakers now connected!

Ténor can be controlled from a tablet or smartphone via Soledge application.


Simplify your music station: choose our wireless solution, adaptable and without limitations!

Unmatched sound quality for a perfect music playback

The patented AccuRate and AccuSync technologies offer superior dynamics, reduced distortion and ensure precise speaker synchronisation (using a local clock).

Add receivers/amplifiers easily and enjoy high quality sound in every room of your house. A major innovation in terms of sound transmission was invented to benefit from the same sound quality in every room.

No wires! Enjoy the benefits of a flexible and expandable system.

 The receivers/amplifiers use the power line communication (PLC) technology, a convenient, reliable and hassle-free technology to communicate with the server over an existing main installation.

Wired directly to your speakers, they can be plugged straight in to your electrical sockets.

No need for costly installation work in the house and no more wires in view. Just enjoy the benefits of wireless and wave-free technology !

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Technical specifications

Two available receivers/amplifiers models:

Ténor 160
• Designed with a single power stage (60W / 8 ohm)
• Aimed at single channel use with the possibility of dual cabling

Ténor 260
Designed with two power stages (60W / 8 ohm)

   3 configurations :
Typical stereo configuration to drive two speakers with one receiver
• Mono configuration to drive two speakers or use bi-amplification
• Bridge configuration to drive a single speaker with increased power

Power amplifier:
2 x 60 W at 8 Ω
2 x 100 W at 4 Ω

1 x 200 W at 8 Ω (in bridge model)

Bandwidth:  10 Hz-50kHz
Total harmonic distortion:  < 0,01%
Inter-modulation distortion:  < 0,01%
Signal to noise ratio:  >100 dB
Crosstalk : nil

Size and weight:
Width:  36.7 cm
Depth:  24.0 cm
Height:  6.8 cm
Weight:  3.5 kg

Supported audio formats:
WAV, FLAC, WMA, AAC, Apple Lossless,

Power supply:
230 V AC or 115 V AC

Network : PLC, wi-fi, Ethernet

Loudspeaker connectors