Collection : Ténor & Alto

Soledge provides a stunning and aesthetic range of products which deliver an accurate static stereo image and a faithful soundstage reproduction.
Ténor is Soledge’s revolutionary amplified network player.
Ténor allows you to transform your loudspeakers into connected ones and to rediscover the magic of the original recorded sound.
Alto is Soledge’s amazing DAC & preamplifier.
With perfect audio quality, endless distribution and high-end network player, Alto is connectable with any type of digital audio source! With its sleek design, Alto combines modernity and lightness in order to create a symphony of aesthetics.
Both Alto and Ténor are compatible and match with no device limitation.
  • Difficile de ne pas saluer le lecteur réseau Alto, équipé d’un CPL intégré (signal via prises électriques) et capable de se connecter en un éclair à un réseau domestique via AirPlay ou le protocole DLNA.

    PP Garcia
    Qobuz - CES Las Vegas - 2015/01
  • C’est une façon totalement innovante de penser et d’organiser la chaîne de la reproduction sonore. Autant le dire tout de suite, ce système très haut de gamme français est un produit d’exception.

    Michel Aublanc
    La Répuplique du Son
  • It not only offers unique types of products; it also has an entirely innovative way of thinking about and organizing the sequence of events involved in sound playback. It is best to be upfront: this very high-end French company offers an exceptional product.

    Michel Aublanc
    The Republic of Sound
  • Soledge launched a high-end system that includes an optional music server and transmits the channels separately over powerline connections. It also uses its own synchronisation technology, which could be of wider interest than its products.

    CCS Insight Hotline
    International CES 2015: Connected Home - January 2015